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Circus Workshops

- Corporate Workshops
- Advanced Circus Arts
- Workshop and Show
- Children Workshops
- Adult Workshops 

Circus arts workshops are a great way to improve physically, socially and creatively. We offer introductory, advanced and specialty workshops.  So whether you are looking to discover the wonderful world of circus with a group of friends, or advance in a certain area of circus arts - we will build the right workshop for specially for you! 


We can put together an unforgettable workshop with a circus show with professional performers and our qualified staff.


A minimum of 25 people and a maximum of 120 people are admissible for workshops groups.

Prices depend on group size and type of workshop.

To book a workshop, to check availability or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

call us at: 647-282-4532    416-258-9344

For map and directions please visit the


Workshops can involve the following:

Manipulation of objects :

• Juggling: Clubs / rings / balls / scarfs.

• Hula-hoops / miscellaneous objects.


Equilibrium :

• Balancing hand base.

• Tightrope.

• With accessories: Walking roller / Walking ball / Unicycle / Pole     / Rolla-Bolla.

Acrobatics :

• Floor acrobatics.

• Basic Gymnastics

• With accessories: Russian bar / Mini-trampoline / Trampoline.

Characters :

• Acting / Improvisation / Clowning / Costumes / Make-up / Games   / Tricks / Group acting.

Aerials :

• Aerial Hoop

• Corde De Volan / Flying Rope

• Trapeze : Fixed / Swinging / Dance / Double / Triple.

• Rings: Gymnastics / Circus.


* Basic warm up

* Specific physical preparation for individual technique.


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