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Circus Parties at the Wonderful World of Circus

- Birthday Parties
- Christmass Parties 
- Hanuka Parties
- Special Celebrations
- and much much more! 

Wonderful World of Circus offers great parties. The kids enjoy fourty five minutes in the gym which includes games; trampoline; and an obstacle course on circus equipment such as tight-wire, aerial hoop and trapeze.


The show can be customized with additional performances such as trained poodles, trained doves, clown magician, interactive clown show, aerial gymnastics, pair acrobatics, professional juggler, and inflatable clown.

After gym-time, you may continue the party in our decorated party-room (optional). We can provide you with the pizza, cake, and party supplies, or you may bring your own. A coffee maker, stereo system, TV with DVD/VCR (including cartoons, circus performances, and movies) are at your disposal.

Balloon animals and face-painting are available as extras.

To book a party, to check availability or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

For map and directions please visit the


(These prices are only for events that take place at the WCW locations) 

$320 first 10 children in the gym (1 hour). 
$15 each additional child

- Includes Happy Birthday Song on stage with       Flying Doves.

- Includes 45 minutes in decorated party room     after the activities in the gym.

Deposit - $100 upon booking.  Payment by CHEQUE (+HST).

(These prices are only for events that take place at the WCW locations) 

  • Party size pizza - $25 

  • Cake of your choice - Please call to inquire

  • Balloon animals - $2.00 per child

  • Face painting - $2.50 per childd

  • Loot bags - $4.00 per child


(These prices are only for events that take place at the WCW locations) 

  • Trained Poodles Show - $120 - watch video 

  • Trained Doves Show - $100 - watch video

  • Clown/Magic show - $100 - watch video
    (magic show available in party room)

  • Juggler - $80 - watch video

  • Blow up Clown act - $60 - watch video

  • Aerial Gymnastics - $80 - watch video

    (Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop or Dance Trapeze) 


You can pick up invites from WCW when you make a deposit.
Alternatively you can print them yourself by downloading the PDF bellow.

The page contains 3 invites. You will need to cut the page in 3 after printing.
*Please be sure set the "Borderles Printing" option in your printer menu if available.
You may print colour or black&white. 

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