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Our recreational program is focused on developing specific skills and bring up the general fitness level of students.  Children can discover the many schools of circus arts and chose what they enjoy the most and pursue it to a more advanced level. Students get an opportunity to master their skills and perform alongside with professional circus performers in shows that we put together during the year.

In our program we teach a wide range of skills in gymnastics, acrobatics, aerial gymnastics, trampoline, dance as well as various specialized circus disciplines, such as:

- Aerial Hoop 
- Trapeze (Swinging, Static) 
- Dance Trapeze
- Double Trapeze
- Spanish Web (Single & Double)
- Aerial Straps
- Aerial Silks
- Cor de Volan
- Chinese Pole

- Russian Bar
- Roman Rings
- Circus Rings
- Vault
- Trampoline    
- Mini Trampoline
- Balance Ball
- Unicycles 
- Tightrope

Age: 5+

Mon - 5-6:30pm 

Tue - 6-7:30pm

Wed - 5-6:30pm & 6-7:30pm

Thur - 5-6:30pm & 6-7:30pm

Fri - 5-6:30pm

Sat & Sun - 10:30am-12pm

647-282-4532      416-258-9344        

2600 John st. Unit 112, Markham, ON, L3R3W3.

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